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Social & Skill Building

coffee & crafters

This program is designed as a fun way to socialise, learn new skills and share ideas. The Crafters Studio also has a small gallery/gift shop where participants create and promote their own brand, design their own label and display or sell their creations to the public. Participants have the opportunity to work in the studio gift shop and get experience in sales, marketing and customer service. Busy Hands is primarily funded from the proceeds of the Crafters Studio Gift Shop.

Numeracy & Literacy


This program aims to build numeracy and literacy skills using practical learning strategies. This program is suitable for people of all ages that are no longer attending school. The Foundations program builds on existing numeracy and literacy to improve work readiness and/or further education opportunities as well as improve communication skills, problem solving skills, confidence and independence.

Capacity Building


This program is a hands on practical course promoting, resilience, team work, conflict resolution, understanding responsibility and self management. The New Ways program focuses on enhancing an individuals capacity to build interpersonal relationships, cope with stress and emotions, improve self awareness and developing empathy. 

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